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French Cuisine, Aotearoa Style.

The French are the originators of fine cuisine – they cooked for Kings and Queens, created the first cook books and took the idea of eating to live, to one of living to eat.

Owners Ben, Chris and Lucile have always looked to France as the ‘Origine’ of food culture. So they opened a French brasserie to share their love of original French cuisine – using the finest New Zealand ingredients.

Matter took the idea of ‘old world’ meets ‘new world’ into our brand identity – contrasting classic French typography with distinctive and modern still-life photographs. Avoiding cliches, we used a chic black and white palette for the design and contrasted it with the French tricolours throughout the imagery.

The website is Origine’s key booking portal and articulates their core tenets of seasonality, terroir and technique – something executive chef Ben Bayly has instilled into the menu. The site depending on the time of day, is either black or white – giving the user a fresh perspective every time they visit the site.

Client: Ben Bayly, Chris Martin, Lucile Fortuna
Brand Strategy: Brent Courtney
Creative and Design Director: Brent Courtney
Copywriter: Brent Courtney
Photography: Manja Wachsmuth, Josh Griggs
Website Development: Idyllic

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