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Whatever your dream, we’ve got this.

New Zealand has some of the least affordable housing in the developed world with an estimated shortage of 23,000 homes. As a result of unaffordable housing, overcrowding issues and a poor housing stock 300,000 New Zealand families are living in unacceptable housing conditions.

So when owners Mike and Kristina from McBrimar, a well respected family run business from Oamaru approached me to help them scale into the Southern Lakes region, I was keen to help out.

In chatting to them we discovered there’s a lot of cowboys in the business (still) failing to deliver houses on time and on budget. They wanted to reassure their customers of their ability to realise their customers dreams, and deliver their fixed-price homes.

We developed this insight into a brand tension of ‘aspirational’ meets ‘trustworthy’, summed up by the line “Whatever your dreams, we’ve got this”. Giving the viewer a feeling of peace of mind.

Aspiration was brought to life through the headline tone of voice and messaging system. Also through photography moments and hand sketches depicting peoples dream scenarios in their new home. While trustworthy was brought to life through the solid, yet friendly brand font, graph paper and blue and black colour ways.

The brand idea summed up nicely in the blank graph pad and pencil given to prospective customers for them to sketch their ideas and dreams in to give back to McBrimar to incorporate into the design and deliver on.

Agency: Matter*
Client Lead: Kristina Levings
Strategy: James Cummins
Creative Director: Brent Courtney
Designer: Brent Courtney
Illustration: Jackie Taylor

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