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Needless Hand Soap

Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

When it comes to reducing climate change and plastic pollution, what the world needs is less consumption, less waste, less packaging, less stuff. 

But during the recent pandemic our we noticed hygiene behaviours change and the use of soap and cleaning products were increasing – so was everyones recycling bin. 

We believe waste is a design flaw, so we asked ourselves – what is it we really need, and what is it we can do without in our soap.

We first thought why would we transport needless and heavy water in our soap, when we can remove it, ship it at a fraction of the weight, and just add water later. 

We then thought would we produce refills in needless single use plastic, when our glass dispensers can be used over and over, and our refill sachets thrown into the home compost.

And finally, why would we use needless chemical ingredients, when we have perfectly effective natural ones right here in our backyard.

Matter was engaged to strategise their positioning and purpose, brand name, voice and value proposition as well as visual identity and packaging.

Agency: Matter*
Client: Needless Soap
Strategy: Brent Courtney
Creative Director: Brent Courtney
Designer: Brent Courtney

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