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Sustainability standards for the NZ film industry.

Greenlit is an industry-wide strategy tasked with introducing sustainability standards in the New Zealand film industry.

Matter was engaged to help articulate it’s kaupapa as well as establish a visual identity alongside indigenous artist Nikau Hindin of Ngai Tūpoto decent.

The tohu mark symbolises Raupā, Raupo and Rauora;

Raupā implores the individual, as well as the wider organisation, to take it upon themselves to work towards the sustainable practices that prioritise the health of the land. 

Raupī is the land providing for us, allowing us to grow, therefore that must be reciprocated through behaviour that nourishes the land, and isn’t detrimental to growth. As our critical awareness around our own impact upon the earth grows and our behaviour matures, so does our responsibility and actions of care.

Rauora represents the indigenous Māori vision for a future where the land and its people are well nourished, and flourishing. 

Working collaboratively with Nikau, her scamps where redrawn and incorporated into a modern brand look and feel, grounded with a dark forest colour and brought to life with a vibrant moss green.

Agency: Matter*
Client: Greenlit
Strategy: Brent Courtney and Nikau Hindin
Te Ao Māori View: Nikau Hindin
Creative Director: Brent Courtney
Designer: Brent Courtney
Tohu design: Nikau Hindin

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