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A coaching app that helps you author your own life.

No matter your goal, IDOJO trains you to develop the capability to build yourself a better life.

Using our strategic process we guided founder Mitch Olson to articulate IDOJO’s purpose as, ‘helping people wake up and take ownership of their lives’.

This purpose was visually brought to life through the design of the brand, including the logo, graphics, a positive colour palette and impactful typography.

IDOJO helps people embrace whatever they set their mind to achieving; whether it’s learning the guitar, losing weight, or teaching your parrot to speak. If it makes you happy, then it’s important to IDOJO. This thinking helped inform the brand’s playful personality and comes to life in irreverent yet inspiring photo choices.

Giving Mitch a clear purpose, key storytelling pillars, a value proposition and a distinctive brand identity was critical as we develop the IDOJO app and get ready to take it to market.

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