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Neighbourhood Greens.

Growing healthy neighbourhoods by growing local greens.

Neighbourhood Greens are hydroponic growers who exist to improve access to locally grown greens in urban cities.

As we face a climate crisis, the first to be effected are the soil-based crops we all depend on. Herbicides and pesticides are also destroying our soils, rivers and bodies. Urban, hydroponic farming is a resilient and chemical-free solution to produce local greens, reduce food miles and deliver fresher greens to customers.

With a mission is to grow healthy neighbourhoods, 5% of profits go back into the neighbourhood the greens are grown in. As such, we wanted to portray ourselves as a fun, accessible and caring brand. We developed a set of characters, lead by ‘Lou’ the lettuce. These mascots are a shortcut to the brand, creating an emotional connection for the customer to recognise us.

Our font choice is friendly, with a distinctive style not too dissimilar to a crunchy buttercup lettuce. Shades of green contrast with the reds and purples of cherry tomatoes and lettuces.

With 70% of household shopping done by females, the marketing plan talks to local, women shoppers. Geo-targeted social media and local partnerships, ensure our media spend is targeted to our audience surrounding the growers.

Agency: Matter*
Client: Grown Local
Strategy: Brent Courtney
Design Director: Brent Courtney
Designer: Brent Courtney
Copywriting: Brent Courtney

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